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Content Removal Process The Company has a content removal complaint process that allows you or anyone to report to the Company any content on our Portal that may be illegal or that otherwise violates the Terms and Conditions. If you have a content removal complaint about the Portal, please send your complaint to or click on the link, including your name, address, contact details, a description of your complaint, the URL for the content to which your complaint relates.

 If you cannot contact the Company by email or the link, please write to the Company at the address identified in the Terms and Conditions. After receiving your complaint, (a) the Company will take those steps as the Company considers to be appropriate to investigate your complaint within a timeframe that is appropriate to the nature of your complaint (the Company will review and resolve all reported complaints regarding content that may be illegal or otherwise violate credit card association standards within seven business days); (b) if the Company requires further information or documents from you, the Company will contact you to let you know; and (c) the Company will in good faith take those actions as it considers appropriate to deal with the issue that your complaint has raised. If the Company is satisfied that the content is unlawful or non-consensual, the Company will immediately remove that content, and the Company will notify you of its decision by email or other electronic message. If the Company is satisfied that the content is not unlawful or non-consensual, the Company will notify you of its decision by email or other electronic message. Any dispute regarding the Company’s determination that content is non-consensual will be submitted by the Company to a neutral arbitration association at its expense. For all other content complaints, if the Company is satisfied that the content on the Portal should be removed, the Company will act promptly to remove that content. The Company is not required to inform you of the outcome of any complaint unrelated to allegations of unlawful or non-consensual content.

Your Right to Appeal. If you disagree with our decision that your consent was void under applicable law, you have the ability to appeal that decision to a neutral body at our expense. If the need for an appeal arises, you may send email to, and all use of content will cease immediately during the appeal process.

Unjustified or Abusive Complaints. You state that you will not make any complaint that is wholly unjustified, abusive, or made in bad faith. If the Company determines that you have breached this warranty, the Company may suspend or terminate your account.

Abuse Notices. All abuse notices, including alleged child sexual abuse material (CSAM), should be directed to



This message is to the thieves only and not to our loyal and honest members. If you are not a thief, then this doesn’t apply to you and you can disregard. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is thinking about sharing our videos so it’s very clear and we don’t get emails later telling me they didn’t know they weren’t allowed to do it.

We spend a lot of time and effort making these videos and we don’t appreciate people sharing them with the world for free. Buying a membership allows you to view them privately, it doesn’t mean you own the rights to the videos and can do whatever you like with them. Our videos are intellectual property and we own the rights to them, you don’t. We are tired of spending hours each week tracking down our videos to have them removed when we could be spending that time making new videos and adding bonus videos for the honest members to enjoy. We are a small, fun group and don’t have the extra time to waste on this type of stuff.

Now that we have that out of the way and it’s very clear that our videos are not to be shared, when we catch you sharing our videos the following actions will take place and we don’t want to hear any disputing or crying that you got caught. Each video is uniquely marked now with your user thumbprint and we have a way to identify abusers who shared our videos.

1) Your membership will immediately be cancelled.

2) The credit card processor’s fraud departments we use will be notified to prevent you from joining our site again along with all the other sites they process. Epoch is a huge company and they process for most of the porn sites you join so you don’t want to be on their “shit list.”

3) Finally, you will be held personally, legally, and financially responsible for copyright infringement charges. Just so you know, the legal punishment for copyright infringement is up to $150,000 for each work infringement, which means each photo or video. This includes each time the video you shared is shared again which compounds. It also means that you pay the actual dollar amount of damages and profits, including all legal/court fees. If you think it is a lot for a porn membership, then wait until these charges start piling up and you have to explain them. Think about your name being in a public legal case. Google loves to share too.

We hope we are making ourselves abundantly clear that we are not going to tolerate people stealing our work and ruin things for all the honest members. It’s not fair to me or them. In a month you can ask the person we caught and is going through legal proceedings now!

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