Check in with members who have been to parties and who have something to say about their experiences. 

Gloryhole Couples Party 


 My Owner and I had the very great fortune of being able to attend the couple’s glory hole party recently and both of
us had an absolutely fantastic time!  I confess to being a bit nervous since it was unfamiliar and the very first time we
had been at this particular venue; however, both of us had wanted to attend one of the parties for a very long time and we finally had an opportunity to do so!
I had a great deal of anticipation heading in as we were both wanting to find another good location to indulge in
some glory hole fun but we ended up having even more fun than anticipated!  We started off the evening getting shuttled over to the party location and then were able to meet our hosts for the evening.  Our female hostess was quite beautiful and took us on a tour of the amazing location for the party.  There were many rooms each set up for fun and kinky play….I absolutely loved that each of the beds had restraints attached to them for more intense play and bondage.  There was also a separate location set up with crosses and restraints for impact play.
The most impressive part was the set up for the glory holes!  There was a large glory hole wall in a rectangular configuration with ottomans positioned in front of various holes both oval and circular.  Each hole had a light to indicate whether someone was ready to service a cock and they even had a button for the male to push which would cause a light to flash to indicate that he was cumming!  Completely amazing!
After the tour was over I got a chance to ‘dress’ for the party.  The theme for the evening was a man’s dress shirt for the ladies along with sexy panties so I stripped down to my black frilly panties and dress shirt open to expose my breasts.  My Owner locked my collar around my neck and attached a leash to lead me around (I absolutely love wearing my collar and leash)!   Next we started to do a bit of socializing with a few other regulars and party goers.  I had brought along a large backpack filled with a variety of play toys including my large manolith dildo and after we started talking about toys my Owner pulled it out to show the guests.  Everyone was quite impressed by its size (pictures have never really done it justice) and so my Owner had me give a dildo demonstration for all of the party goers!
I have always been quite an open person….maybe it’s because I am more down to earth or just a natural exhibitionist (evil smiles) but I have never been shy about showing myself to people.  We went into one of the bedrooms where I stripped myself completely naked and got my lube and toys ready.  I started my squeezing some lube onto both my hand and my pussy.  After properly coating my hand, I lay back onto the bed while several people from the party started to slowly filter into the bedroom. Quickly I began to slide my fingers into my already wet pussy and began working it in front of everyone (my inner exhibitionist was giddy with joy).  All of my fingers quickly sunk into my depths until my fist was being enveloped by my hot and sopping wet cunt.  I slowly worked myself pumping my fist in and out of myself and prepping myself to take the monster dildo.
Once I was ready, I took the dildo and sat it on the floor of the bedroom.  I quickly straddled the dildo and impaled myself on it, pushing the thick head of the cock into my depths.  The head of this dildo is nice because there is a delicious popping sensation when it first pushes inside before you slide down on the smooth shaft.  I must
say I enjoyed it even more knowing there was an audience there watching me as I let the dildo stretch me open.  Once I had it firmly in place I moved back onto the bed and spread my legs so that everyone could see me impaled more clearly (smiles).  My Owner then proceeded to take the dildo and fuck me fast and hard with it so that I was crying out in pleasure….again enhanced by everyone watching as I was being worked!
While I was still impaled on the dildo I saw my Owner starting to roll up his shirt sleeve which I knew all too well meant that he was getting ready to fist me.  His hands
are extremely large (size 13 ring) and there is absolutely nothing like being filled by him!  He began to coat his hand with lube in preparation and after testing my gape with a few fingers proceeded to push his hand deep inside of me until my cunt was clenching around him in pleasure.  There is definitely something so powerful about feeling a man’s fist up inside of you but little did I know that I would have another amazing experience shortly afterwards…
Our female hostess was among those watching the show that was being put on and she was quite intrigued by the fisting demonstration.  She was very curious to know what it would feel like to have her fist inside of a woman and after asking for permission I very gladly offered up my services (smiles)! I had never had a woman fist me before so this was a new experience for me but one that I was very eager to undertake! She started off slowly by sliding in a few fingers and remarked that she wasn’t sure if she could get it inside but I reassured her that she wasn’t hurting me and that she should just continue to push forward.  She slowly wriggled all her fingers inside and then continued moving her fist until she had the entire thing up inside of me….it felt truly amazing and unbelievable hot to have another woman’s fist exploring the inside of my pussy!  I stayed nice and wet while she slowly moved her fist around inside of me.  She commented on my vaginal muscles and so I had a little fun by squeezing my kegels around her fist while it was inside of me.  I think I definitely surprised her by doing so but it felt truly amazing!
She slowly removed her fist from me and then proceeded to move between my legs and used her tongue to lick at my hard little clit.  It felt incredible feeling her tongue darting around exploring my slit as well as stroking my clit in little circles with her soft and delicate tongue.  She had a very sensual way of caressing me with her mouth that made my eyes roll back into my head just basking in the sensations of pleasure she was creating!  I absolutely relished every second of my time with her!  Sadly we couldn’t do too much sexy play as she had to get back to her duties as the hostess of the party.  She was also very surprised when my Owner
told her that she was the very first woman I had ever been with sexually.  I have always been very open to being sexual with women and I definitely consider myself to be bisexual but this was the first time I had the very great pleasure of having that fantasy fulfilled!  Of course all of this was enhanced even more by the fact that we had an audience throughout the process!
Once our very exciting show was finally over, my Owner and I moved down to the glory holes to try them out for a brief time.  Again I was definitely very impressed with the set up and I also loved that once you turned on your light to indicate that you were ready to service that the DJ they had there made an announcement that someone was ready at the glory hole to encourage men to come down and try them out!  I sat in the area referred to as the Devil’s corner because it gave access to two gloryholes simultaneously so that two cocks could be worked on the same time or one after the other (evil smiles)…..which was heaven for a cum slut such as myself!
Unfortunately there was not as much activity at the glory holes on this night since the party was for couples and single females only but I did get the pleasure of sucking one cock before having to leave for the evening which my Owner took both pictures and video of me doing so that I could watch later and masturbate to it which I happily did (evil smiles).  It always gives me immense pleasure to work my clit and pussy with vibrators and dildos while watching myself going at a cock like a woman having her last meal….eagerly working it to get my reward of cum!
Sadly I couldn’t stay to service more cocks because my Ownerand I had to leave but the venue made me extremely excited about coming back the next time because the people were amazing and the glory hole set up was such that it would encourage a multitude of men to come and get serviced there.  I am definitely looking forward to the next party and we are planning to attend on May 15th!  I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested to check it out because it is an amazing venue and I know it will be a fantastic time!

First Gloryhole Party 


So I kissed my first girl…at a Glory Hole Party.
I waited in the parking lot where they told me to meet. “The cars will come get you and take you to the house”. I had almost driven by. It had started to rain and my confidence had wavered. What was I doing…this is crazy. Vanilla to Glory Hole!?!? There’s got to be 10 steps I could have tried before this point but the voyeur in me and the gang bang urge is the strongest so I took a deep breath and went. I was picked up in a burgundy mini van by a very sweet driver. Young, friendly, a name that required I roll my R’s…very sexy. Good start. 2 more couples got in the van with me. All of us looked a little out of our element. We arrived and quietly made our way into the house. They call it the “Tree House” multi-leveled house, lots of open railing and areas set up for various types of fun. 3 playrooms, Glory Hole room on the lower lever and bondage area just up the stairs.  It was smaller then I expected but it had everything it promised and the anticipation was spectacular.
At first glance it looked like an office party.  Men in suits and women in dresses hiding various styles of BDSM lingerie beneath. Various shapes, sizes, colors and ages of people. One fear dropped away. At 40 with some extra “curves” I was a little wary about not fitting in but I looked around and my confidence was raised. I had scoured my very boring closets for my outfit and finally came across a black under the breast slimming piece and a cranberry lace bra. I added in my un-tested “starter” bondage cuffs and a pair of thigh high suede boots. I felt sexy and confident.
With heightened senses I was somewhat aware of my nervous banter and took a deep breath to calm down. I introduced myself to random people and nervously started chatting with a lovely couple that had been married for 23 years and had driven 2 hours to be there and a twenty something couple on their third date. As more people came in, more clothes were abandoned. As I looked around I came to realize that I appreciate a tight ass in a sexy set of panties. I also realized that the people who might not have the “perfect” curved were more enthusiastic in their play.
As everyone relaxed things slowly got started. The Glory Hole room was open and my young couple decided to give it a try. They invited me to join but I was still taking it all in. As the slightly nervous red head with the perfect ass sank to the seat in front of her date she was joined by a sultry more experienced woman with that exuded confidence. They sat next to each other one in a bustier and garters and one fully clothed. They took turns sucking his large cock as he pressed his hips against the glass to give them full access. Along the wall the other holes slowly filled up until standing in the back of the room I had a view of 6 beautiful heads working hard to bring the cocks they were presented to release.
The wetness and ache in my cunt was growing and knowing I wasn’t going to allow myself to get fucked made the ache grow even bigger.I decided to wander to one of the playrooms. As I walk in I turn to see one of the beds is taken. A woman was moaning as a large gentleman was working very hard to please her and another woman was slowly caressing her ample breasts. I watch enjoying the curves of their bodies as they meld into a pile of intertwined legs. As I watch my young couple and their new friend enter the room. They have decided to “fuck” and ask if I would like to join them. I decline but am brought a chair so I can be more comfortable as I watch. Their sultry friend slowly removes the dress and pastel panties of the innocent new comer. She leaves her in a baby pink bra and heels as her pussy is slowly licked. Getting hard watching the 2 women their counterpart slides on a condom and slowly enters from behind. His thrusts are hard and deep and the low moans from his red headed friend add to the heat in the room. As I watch her I decide to take my first baby step and help slip her out of the pastel pink bra. I walk to the side of the bed and slowly run my fingers down her arm. I ask permission and she gives me a sweet smile and nods. She sits up and I unclasp her bra running my fingers down her arms. As she lays back down I lay next to her and run slow circles around her nipples and belly button. As they continue I watch and ache.
As I’m laying there the man from the other couple I had friended comes over and whispers that his wife is downstairs and has started her fun. Would I like to come watch? I agree and slowly walk away from the bed.
As I walk through the bondage room I pause to watch one of the regulars strapped to the cross with her legs over the shoulders of the man I front of her. Next to her is another woman laid over a padded table being taken from behind while she sucks the cock of another man.
I continue on to the room downstairs where my new friends wife has a large cock in her mouth and is being roughly fucked through the torn opening in her patterned stockings. We find a place in the corner to watch. As she moans with each thrust another guy comes into the room and releases his large swollen cock. He strokes it to bring it to full attention. Mouth and pussy full she reaches up to take it in her hand. The man behind her pulls away slowly and the 3 change positions. The newcomer slides into her and her moans increase. As they take turns she is writhing with pleasure. With each switch they bring her almost to the point of release and then change places to extend the lovely torture.
My ache growing with each new room and with no way to find release I wander out of the room, say my good byes to my new friends. My innocent red headed friend asks for a kiss before I go and I lean in and taste her soft mouth and tongue. I stand and smile at her and quietly make my exit. I am happy that she is experiencing this world so young.
Once home and back to my quiet bed I slide between the sheets and settle in and imagine my next party.
I go through the growing list of new kinky friends and imagine inviting 2 couples and and 2 extra guys to join me for the next time. I think 7 is a good number. I can picture the larger room, pushing together the 2 beds to make sure everyone is included. 4 hard cocks and 2 lovely ladies all ready to explore. No limitations just a melding of hard and soft places. I’m imagine I’m riding the largest cock. It’s deep in my pussy as a second guy slowly works my tight ass with a well lubed dildo to open me up to accept him. As I relax into the experience he also slides into me so I am filled front and back with rock hard, slippery cock. As the 3 of us find our rhythm I look over and the other 4 are all tangled together. I reach out to join in the caress of the amply breasts and stroke the cocks already hard and dripping with bodily fluids. They use their tongues and fingers to slowly open the 2 wet pussy’s and add quickly slide in their large cocks as I watch aching for more. As the rhythms increase, my moans turn to screams and my body shakes with the tremors of my release.

It’s a fabulous fantasy and back at home naked and alone, my trusty vibrator has done its job




There is never a dull moment when my Owner and I attend the parties at the Tree house (evil smiles)….I always have to start with my great admiration and appreciation to our generous hosts at the parties!  They are fabulous (as are the rest of the fantastic party-goers)!

I am always amazed at how each party typically holds at least one first for me and this time there were several!!

I am so very lucky that my Owner loves watching me suck a vast and endless supply of cock and this party had some amazing ones to service!

One of the very first cocks that came through the hole was an beautiful cock with Jacob’s ladder piercings and an large gauge Prince Albert piercing which was gorgeous and SO much fun to play with!  I took an extra long time working my tongue up and down the length of it while lapping at each of the piercings lining his shaft and flicking the tip of my tongue over his PA and sucking eagerly at his enormous head.  I definitely love working and sucking the head of a man’s cock and this one was thick, soft and large (pictures on my profile)!  I could feel my pussy dripping as I felt the thickness of his cock fill my mouth and after I had worked on him for a while he asked if he could fuck me for which my Owner gave permission.

My cunt was definitely aching to be fucked and he wasted no time sliding his cock into my pussy and pounding me hard!!! So hard in fact that my Owner had to wrap his arms around me to keep me on my feet!!  It felt completely amazing to feel my Owner holding me tightly while I was being fucked and then to push the intensity even further my Owner spent some time pinching and squeezing my nipples and then slapping my bottom with his bare hand so my ass was on fire as my cunt got stretched open repeatedly!!

I spent a good hour or two sucking off multiple cocks at the holes and got the immense pleasure of drinking down multiple loads of cum – each of which I showed to my Owner before greedily swallowing them down!  There is absolutely nothing like feeling a stiff cock shoot its load into your mouth….it is like the icing on the cake as I enjoy sucking off each cock as much as I enjoy consuming the cum!!



I also got the chance to show off some of my vaginal stretching my doing a self-fisting demonstration and also working myself with one of my enormous dildos.  Of course after I spent a bit of time opening up my cunt, my Owner decided it was time for me to experience another first…using the new female glory hole bench that one of the hosts had created.

The bench was a platform where a woman could lie back and have her ankles strapped to a beam overhead while a curtain covered her top half leaving her open pussy exposed to be played with or fucked by both men and women.
My Owner allowed some men to play with my pussy and He personally enjoyed using my large dildo to fuck me fast and hard until I was practically screaming (good thing I didn’t end up disturbing the neighbors)!  He inserted the dildo and I could feel the enormous head stretching open my pussy and once it was inserted he started to twist it around and around to really open me up before sliding the huge beast into my cunt and pumping it faster and faster until my cunt was clenching down on it in complete rapture!!

After my intense fuck fest the lovely hostess was invited over to spend some time playing with my pussy!  She used her fingers to work my EXTREMELY sensitive clit into ecstasy while taking her time sliding first one hand and then two hands into my drenched, velvety and extremely needy pussy!  While she slowly worked her hands back and forth inside of me, another man used his fingers to work my throbbing clit into submission…I was so overwhelmed that I did not want it to end!!!

Sadly all good things much come to an end, but there is always next time….hope you will be there to join me (evil smiles).   Now I am going to masturbate to all of these lovely memories until I rip multiple orgasms from my body!!!

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